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'Bannockburn [is a] spectacular triumph

for the combined forces of 3D science

and historical narrative.'




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Association for Heritage Interpretation Awards for Excellence 2015

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Association for Heritage Interpretation Awards for Excellence 2015

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'The next generation of museum interpretation in action'


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Museums and Heritage Awards for Excellence 2015

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Association of Scottish Visitor Attractions 2014

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We are a creative design consultancy based in York, England.

Our mission is to engage the next generation with the riches of the past, to help them live and learn.

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We believe in learning by doing; giving the audience real agency to explore a subject, sparking their interest, creating memorable moments and, in the process, learning without labour.  The things we do and the places we visit in our spare time are important, and we make sure that we respect the choices that people make.


The next generation is not the same as ours; technology has enabled a new way of life, and new ways to learn. To ignore change is to fail to adapt, and do a serious disservice to those we are responsible for. We must embrace future trends, recognise their potential, and adapt them to carry powerful content. New ways to tell stories are being developed all the time; we must consider the medium and the message.


Nonetheless, technology is merely an enabler; it allows us to engage the audience in new ways, but should never be an attraction in its own right. Innovation is key; manage the inherent risks effectively, and reap the rewards.





Being good listeners, learning and understanding the communities and organisations we work with

Progressing designs hand-in-hand with stakeholders. Identifying and dealing with risk, and maximising opportunities.

Testing, prototyping, planning and management.

Training, handing-over, evaluating, and improving.

Tell me and I forget,

teach me and I may remember,

involve me and I learn..


Meet the Team

Bright White is a privately-owned company, founded by Chris Walker and Adam Stanning in 2004.

We operate a small-core design and management consultancy capable of executing very large innovative projects because our staff are talented and capable, sharing our passion for creating life-changing experiences.

Featured Work

Your needs for interpretation are diverse, and therefore so are our projects. Project budgets range from hundreds of pounds to millions; we never judge a project by its budget, but by what it can contribute to society. Below is a very small sample of projects over the last 10 years.

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Our Work Process

After nearly two decades of involvement in the industry, we have developed powerful but flexible working methods.




- Subject research and exploration

- Public & Stakeholder consultation

- Risk assessment

- Technology assessment

- Precursors and case studies

- Wide network collaboration

- Strong connections with academia


- Industry-standard workflow

- Cross-industry reporting structure

- Experience with all types of client

- Cutting edge 3D design

- Compelling visualisation

- All types of engineering

- Extremely strong core competency

- Government-level integration

- Strong project management

- In-house Cost Consultancy

- CDM Competency

- Strong project management

- Familiarity with procurement

- Strong contract management

- Contract administration

- Main contractor capability


- Strong hand-over and training

- Continual evaluation

- On-call service


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'The battle cry to a world for which statues and storyboards are no longer enough'



New in this revision of our website, we are making our most popular articles available here.



Bannockburn Visitor Centre Officially Rated 'Fab-a-dab-a-doo' by Key Clients


Several weeks of pre-launch testing of the visitor centre has revealed school's reactions to the adventurous interpretation scheme. A number of local schools were kind enough to visit prior to opening to help staff fine-tune the experience. They also left the following real feedback, which is provided unedited.


The data has been categorised for convenience of viewing.


Hyperbolic: e.g. 'The best time of my life', 'The best adventure ever'.


Strongly supportive: e.g. 'Epic', 'Amazeballs'.


Lukewarm: 'It was fine'.



Random Group


Super, engaging, interactive

Gory, a lit bit scary but EPIC

Epic, futuristic, fantastic, gory

It was the best adventure ever

Scary, interesting, fun, amazing, cool, epic, deadly

Excellent, interactive experience

Amazing, definitely worth a visit, and on our doorstep. Will come again

Epic, incredible, gory, fun

Epic, fun, awesome

Fantastic, epic, gory, incredible



Friday 24thJan, am group – Braehead Primary


Amazing and the best

It was the best time of my life

Very interesting, very epic and awesome




It was awesome! Fun! Cool! Wow!

It was awesome

Awesome, amazing, outstanding, excellent. The best ever!

It was fine

It was good, amazing

It was exciting

I loved it all. It was great.

I really liked the archers and it was epic


Mighty, courageous, awesome and exciting

Futuristic and educational



My team won, it was awesome

It was awesome


Monday 27th Jan, am group – Braehead Primary


Awesome, freaky, I learned a lot

Cool, informational, amazing and awesome

Awesome, cool, fantastic, great, amazing, perfect, best thing ever

Awesome, cool, great, amazing, best thing ever

Cool battle game, I was Robert the Bruce, great, amazing

3D stuff was cool, fun

3D screens were amazing and cool. Fantastic

Excellent, amazing



Awesome, scary, fun

Great, really fun, scary, exciting


Brilliant, amazing, good to get facts

The best thing in my life

It’s got everything

It’s a brilliant place

Fantastic, fabulous, magnifico!

I learned about the Battle of Bannockburn. It was fabulous

Really good

Big, massive

Excellent and amazing

Astonishing, amazing

It was amazing, it was really good

Fabulous! Thank you so much!


Monday 27th Jan, pm group – Bannockburn Primary


The new Bannockburn Experience Centre is amazing and although there were some things I did not like so much, that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t

Awesome, cool and mind blowing

It was an amazing experience

The Bannockburn experience was awesome, especially the big 3D room

Exciting, fun, interesting, amazing

Exciting, amazing and extraordinary

Really good

Terrifying, horrifying

Awesome, incredible and mind exploding

Awesome, excellent, fantastic, super, loud, dramatic

Very good,

Amazing, terrifying, excellent, brilliant, you will have the time of your life

Fun, exciting, cool, noisy

It was horrible, gruesome battle but good that scots won

Amazing, fantastic, the best!! You should go there!


Tuesday 28th Jan, am group – St Mary’s Primary


It was scary, epic, cool, fun and awesome

Scared, fun, enjoyable and exciting

Awesome, cool and fun

Awesome, fun, cool scary and epic

Interesting, good experience and good

Fun, awesome, cool, epicness

It was a good experience

Awesome, terrific, amazing, great, brilliant

Brilliant, great, good, awesome, terrific

A real battle

Interactive, 3D, enjoyable

Fun and amazing

I liked the 3D screens and it was scary

Amazing, brilliant, fun, excellent, best heritage centre

Informative, amazing

Scared, eager, happy, brilliant, fun, amazing

Fun, funny, cool, scary, awesome, splendiferous

Scary, excellent, super, fun, exciting

Cool, scary, super, fun, exciting

Fun and super


Tuesday 28th Jan, pm group – St Mary’s Primary


Amazeballs! #LOL

Amazing and interesting! Amazeballs! #LOL. really nice staff

Amazeballs. Exciting. Weird

Amazeballs. Interesting. #LOL #YOLO

Amazeballs. #LOL


It was awesome, epic, brilliant

Awesome, tremendous, cool, amazing

Amazing, tremendous, awesome

Amazing, cool, awesome

Amazing, awesome, cool

Very worthwhile and informative




I loved it! #LOL

Amazing, cool epic




Brilliant, modern, exciting, interactive

Awesome! Amazing! Cool! Epic!

Cool, awesome, fabulous

Awesome, cool, amazing, fantastic, fun, jaw-dropping 100%, fandaby dozy

Awesome, cool, fabulous, interesting, fun, fantastic, 100% perfect

Fantastic, fun

Great fun! I loved it!

I love it!


Wednesday 29th – West College


Brilliant, overwhelming, flabbergasting and amazing







It was quite an amazing and fantastic place

Amazing, fantastic. Would definitely comeback

Very good


Wednesday 29th – Bannockburn Primary


Weapons and amazing

Bannockburn, Brucey of the Robert, sharp

It was magnificent


Go to the new Bannockburn Exhibition Centre because it is amazing

Amazing, brilliant and fun

Awesome, amazing, brilliant, fantastic, fascinating and excellent


Thursday 30th Jan, am group – Cowie Primary


It was awesome, super, minted, amazing and I would go back

Epic, minted, fab a daba doo, excellent, classic, superb

Super, epic, amazing, I would come back

Fun, classic, epic, superb, minted

Epic, spectacular, classic, fab, minted

Awesome, epic, fan-daby-dosy, amazing, extraordinary, best ever, magic, minted, amazing

Swag-a-lish-ous, best, wicked, crazy monster awesome

Extraordinary, epic, outstanding, awesome, brilliant, fab, classic

Epic, fab, fantastic, magic, extreme, amazing, classic, cool, minted

Epic, fantastic, fun, cool

Amazing, super, crazy, epic, wicked, best, extraordinary

Epic, amazing, extraordinary, minted, fantastic,

Epic, awesome and I would totally go back, it was amazing

Amazing, awesome, epic, super-duper, fantastic, lovely, cool


The best thing ever, amazing, awesome, epic, mint

A really great educational experience not to be missed

Big, crazy, epic – like an arcade

I won the battle game – epic!

Epic, awesome, magic, mint, crazy, majestic, fan-daby-dosy, best ever, extraordinary, amazing

Awesome, epic, minted, extraordinary

Majestic, epic, mint

An excellent, interactive experience

Amazing experience, the 3D screens kept the children focused and brought the battle to life. The battle game was fantastic.





Lots of you have been asking who did what at Bannockburn, from the creative team to the voice  artists and actors. Here's the official credits list.


Bannockburn Interpretation Creative Team


A Project for the National Trust for Scotland in Partnership with Historic Scotland


Battle Game


• Concept, Design and Build by Bright White Ltd


• Game programming and software engineering by D3T Ltd


• Reference Material by the Academic Advisory Panel, The National Trust for Scotland and Richard Tipping, The University of Stirling


Battle Game Production


Executive Producers - Chris Walker and Adam Stanning, Bright White Ltd


Producers - Chris Walker and Adam Stanning, Bright White Ltd


Audio Direction - Chris Walker and Adam Stanning, Bright White Ltd


Game Design - Chris Walker, Adam Stanning and Katie Blake, Bright White Ltd


Software Development and Installation - Stephen Powell, Jamie Campbell, D3T Ltd


Map Illustration - Duncan Kay, CDDV


Production Design - Adam Stanning and Chris Walker, Bright White Ltd


Concept Artists - Adam Stanning and Chris Walker, Bright White Ltd


Art Direction - Adam Stanning and Chris Walker, Bright White Ltd


Technical Direction (Hardware and systems)  - Chris Walker, Bright White Ltd


Audiovisual Hardware Design - Alan Wilkinson, Rob Ferguson, Electrosonic Plc and Bright White Ltd


Production Manager - Alec Mitchell, Bright White Ltd


Assembly of Reference Material - Tom Ingrey-Counter, The National Trust for Scotland


Guardian of Historical Accuracy - Tom Ingrey-Counter, The National Trust for Scotland


Sprite Artwork - Adam Stanning, Bright White Ltd and D3T Ltd


Animation - Stephen Powell, Jamie Campbell, D3T Ltd


Sound Recordist (Foley) - Paul Wilson,CDDV


Prologue, Prepare for Battle, Character Stations and Epilogue


• Concept, Design and Build by Bright White Ltd


• 3D Research, Development and Realisation by The Centre for Digital Documentation and Visualisation, Glasgow School of Art


• Reference Material by the Academic Advisory Panel, The National Trust for Scotland and Toby Capwell, The Wallace Collection




Executive Producers - Chris Walker and Adam Stanning, Bright White Ltd


Producer - Paul Kurcharski, Centre Screen Productions


Assistant Producer - Jola Lloyd-Wood, Centre Screen Productions


Script and Screenwriters - Chris Walker and Lara Munden, Bright White Ltd, with considerable advice and input from the Academic Advisory Panel.


Director - Paul Kucharski, Centre Screen Productions


Storyboarding - Adam Stanning, Chris Walker and Lara Munden, Bright White Ltd


Production Design - Adam Stanning, Chris Walker, Lara Munden and Katie Blake, Bright White Ltd


Concept Artists - Adam Stanning and Chris Walker, Bright White Ltd


Art Direction - Adam Stanning and Chris Walker, Bright White Ltd


Graphic Design - Adam Stanning, Bright White Ltd


Casting (Voice) - Paul Wilson, CDDV


Technical Direction (Hardware and systems) - Chris Walker, Bright White Ltd


Audiovisual Hardware Design - Alan Wilkinson, Rob Ferguson, Electrosonic Plc and Bright White Ltd


Assembly of Reference Material - Tom Ingrey-Counter, The National Trust for Scotland, assisted by Jola Lloyd-Wood, Centre Screen Productions and Katie Blake, Bright White Ltd.


Guardian of Historical Accuracy - Tom Ingrey-Counter, The National Trust for Scotland


Lead CDDV Artist - Daniel Buksh


Senior CDDV Artists - Craig Logan, Sam Ramsay, Duncan Kay


Animators - Charles Scriven, Imran Younas Butt, Patrice Lee Min Kam, Laszlo Nyikos, James Hickey


Junior CDDV Artists - Jamie Simpson, Stefania Calderara


Lead Audio Designer - Paul Wilson, CDDV


Audio Designers - Ronan Breslin, Leo Saidenough, CDDV


Fight Consultant - Toby Capwell, The Wallace Collection


Project Manager (CDDV) - Paul Chapman


Project Management Support (CDDV) - Jared Benjamin, Brian McGeough


Installation Management - Alec Mitchell, Bright White Ltd


Main Character Voices


Isabella of France Puppet (Prologue) - Nadege Druzkowski


James Douglas Puppet (Prologue) - David Hayman


Robert Bruce Puppet (Epilogue) - James Cosmo


Robert de Clifford (Character Station) - Francois Menard-Noens


John Comyn Junior (Character Station) - Jimmy Chisholm


John FitzRobert (Character Station) - Oliver Graham


Margaret Malherbe (Character Station) - Suzanne Teed


Dafydd ap Cynwrig (Character Station) - Aled Pugh


Malcolm Turnbull (Character Station) - Barrie Frame


Ruairi Butterwambe (Character Station) - Davey Walker


James Douglas (Character Station) - David Hayman


Edward Bruce (Character Station) - Donald Pirie


Juliana Coldingham (Character Station) - Fenella Kerr


Main Character Faces


Robert de Clifford (Character Station) - Paul Wilson


John Comyn Junior (Character Station) - Chris Hastings


John FitzRobert (Character Station) - John Logan


Margaret Malherbe (Character Station) - Annemarie Hamilton


Dafydd ap Cynwrig (Character Station) - Brian Wilkinson


Malcolm Turnbull (Character Station) - Ranald Shepherd


Ruairi Butterwambe (Character Station) - Al Rawlinson


James Douglas (Character Station) - Philip Wilson


Edward Bruce (Character Station) - Paul Chapman


Juliana Coldingham (Character Station) - Emily Chadwick


Special thanks from Bright White to


For everything. Ever - Alec Mitchell


Creative Joinery - Mick and Paul Dowson, Dowson Joinery


Creative Metalwork - John Walker, JRW Metal


Interpretive Planning - Carolyn Lloyd-Brown


The hundreds of games testers too numerous to mention


Special thanks from CDDV to


3D Scanned Heads - Bruce Robertson, David Styles, Stu Wright, Scott Downie, Gordon Buchanan, Graeme Ronald, Joe Howe, Jon Campbell, Marco Biagini, Norberto Ezquerra,Tony Gallagher, William Aikman


Motion Capture Combat - Clanranald Trust for Scotland; Charlie Allan, Mark Monaghan, Graeme McEwan, Roy Murray


Motion Capture and Performance - Kim Bale, Adam Buksh, Clare Sheerin, Tim Dow


Motion Capture Cleanup Assistants - Heather McDougall, Lynsey Tomlinson, Federico Fiore







Battle of Bannockburn - Blurring the Line Between Real and Virtual Space


Across the nation, fans of the TV show Doctor Who will tell you that inside of the Tardis, the Doctor’s time travel machine, is far larger than its exterior would suggest. Because of the innovative use of 3D projection technology, the same can be said of the immersive space within the new Battle of Bannockburn Centre in Stirling.


Lead interpretation designer Chris Walker, of Bright White Ltd, explains: “3D technology allows us to blur the line between physical space and virtual space; with the projection environment in full operation, you perceive yourself to be in the middle of a huge open-air space that extends the horizon in almost every direction. If I was to switch off the projections and switch on the house lights, you would realise that you are, in fact, in a room not much bigger than a badminton court.”



The immersive space is just one of a series of spaces that visitors are free to explore in this groundbreaking project. Knights on horseback charge towards you, lines of spearmen in tight formation fend off attackers, and arrows whistle past your head on the way to their unfortunate destination.


The impression of being caught-up in medieval battle is compelling - and exactly what the designers sought to achieve. Adam Stanning, also of Bright White, explains why the space was created: “Medieval battle was brutal on a massive scale, and nothing gets over the physical forces, skills and equipment used better than being in the middle of the full-scale action.”


Chris Walker expands: “Although many of the production techniques and hardware technologies utilised are typically found in Holywood-level film-making, this is a theatre project; the performances of skilled fighters and stuntmen were captured using a technique called motion capture, and complex scenes built up from just a handful of actors.


“The ability to ‘re-brutalise’ a virtual performance by tweaking the recorded actions in the studio is what has lead to this direction being chosen - 3D film would simply not be convincing. This space is a virtual stage upon which perfect performances are given over and over again every day.”


The 3D research, development and realisation within the project was executed by CDDV (The Centre for Digital Documentation and Visualisation) at the Glasgow School of Art. Their unique 3D facilities, studios and skills have enabled the designer’s vision to be fulfilled with incredible accuracy and to powerful emotional effect.



Adam Stanning mentions another feature of the centre: “The Prologue and Epilogue areas are where the stories of lead-up and aftermath of the battle are told.


“Here we again blur the line; a real, physical, but medium-scale proscenium arch is the frame for a 3D sequence that gives the clear impression that through it we are looking into a deep and rich stage complete with lighting, setworks and performers.


“In fact, there is nothing beyond it other than a brick wall. Virtual real-estate is as important as ‘real’ real-estate to us.”


But all of the above is preparation for the main interpretive feature - the BattleRoom. Designed to accommodate groups of 30 participants with another 30 observers, the BattleRoom is a Colosseum-style combat arena where the participants are divided into two teams representing the Scottish and English armies, and they fight it out in a tactical and strategic battle simulator.


With authenticity and historical accuracy a high priority, visitors command one or more divisions to defeat or victory. Lasting typically 30 minutes, each battle is facilitated by a member of staff - the BattleMaster. The terrain map is 3D and animated, resembling a mix between a scale model of the landscape, and a computer game. The events and emotions within combat are supported by surround sound and immersive images.


Chris Walker describes the design process: ‘Working closely with architects Reiach and Hall, we were able to design the BattleRoom in full knowledge of the final effect.


“This meant that we could ensure that the space performs to a very high standard in terms of structure, environmental control and acoustics, whilst performing its main function - as a different kind of immersive space - very well.”


One very interesting aspect of how this project was set up by the client partnership (of The National Trust for Scotland and Historic Scotland) is that it is interpretation-led.


Alec Mitchell of Bright White Ltd explains: “It is not about removing anything whatsoever from the normal roles and responsibilities in the project, it is merely saying that, in certain spaces, if it doesn’t work for the interpretation, then it doesn’t work full stop. I believe that comes across in the final experience.”


Chris Walker summarises the project as: “A coming-together and alignment of a large number of organisations, consultancies, practices and people. I genuinely believe that every person on this project wants exactly the same thing - a landscape, venue and interpretation of the highest quality possible.”


The Battle of Bannockburn Visitor Centre  opens 1st March 2014. Tickets went on sale 13th February 2014.






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